Discover a Reliable Residential Electrician

Are you on the look for a reliable¬†residential electrician¬†because you’re experiencing power surges or drops in your household? At R M Faught Electrical, we will happily provide you the assistance that you seek and fix your domestic electrical system. We founded our company in Manassas, VA several years ago and since then we have become a household name that is synonymous with professionalism and competence.


Fully Equipped Electricians


We have the know-how to carry out domestic electrical repairs of varying difficulty. We can promptly and easily fix the following issues:


  • Frequent Electrical Surges
  • Power Dips
  • Malfunctioning Light Switches
  • Regularly Tripping Circuit Breakers
  • Circuit Overloads
  • Defective Lighting Fixtures
  • Faulty Electrical Sockets

At R M Faught Electrical, we have invested in the best electrical tools. Currently, we have at our disposal cutting-edge and highly accurate instruments such as voltmeters, wire strippers, non-contact voltage detectors, power quality meters, power analyzers, wattmeters and more.


Cost-Effective Prices


Our service rates are affordable and will certainly fit your budget. Many Manassas, VA residents praise us for keeping an excellent quality/price ratio. We always work in complete harmony with the highest standards of the electrical industry because our primary goal is to provide to our clients the best possible services. We also follow all security protocols. Our prudence and attention to details give us an edge over other contractors, which is why we can promise you that choosing us for your household electrical repairs is the proper decision.


Team of Accomplished Technicians


We have a crew of well-trained and seasoned electricians that will go beyond their call of duty to meet your demands and provide you the assistance that you need. We firmly believe that a company is only as good as its workers and due to that we have a strict employment policy that we follow to the letter.


Call (703) 688-3925 today and hire us as your¬†residential electrician. Don’t neglect the severity of a badly functioning electrical system and have us fix it for you.


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